Hi everyone and welcome to the Staring at words book blog.

I first started talking about books on Instagram under the name @staring_at_words, what inspired me is that I wanted to talk about books that weren’t so popular in media, general blogs and magazines, but it became much more than that and after some time that format wasn’t enough for everything I wanted to write down so year and a half later here we are starting this book blog 😀

I’m writing reviews of the books I’m reading but occasionally of movies and tv series. From time to time I’ll write an article about things like bookstagram, writing or something like that.

My one big wish is to start my own original writings. Until now I’ve only started a few things on FanFiction.com, so if you are interested in that there is a link under “contacts”.

If you are an author and you would like for me to read and review your book feel free to contact me, if I have time I’m open to reading all sorts of books but I believe my experties lie mostly in the feelds of fantasy and romance.

Also for fellow blogers, bookstagramers and book lovers I’m always open to collaborations 😀

Thank you for setting apart your free time and reading my blog!!!