Mulan 2020

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Today I’m giving you a Mulan review. Attention! spoilers ahead, because if you thought you knew this movie because you watched the animated version, you are wrong. This is essentially a completely new movie, without a title you wouldn’t know it’s a retelling, they haven’t only changed the plot, the characters, the main theme of the story they even changed The Horse’s name!!! What the hell did Khan ever do to you!?

Too much magic without magic.

I don’t even know where to begin with. If this was some random movie it would be passible, just another action movie with magic, witches and special effects, not great, not terrible, forgettable, enough to pass another Sunday afternoon, ok at best, but as a Mulan retelling it’s terrible.

Every iconic scene from the 1998 version – gone, every funny moment- gone, every interesting character – gone.

What we are left with is a more “realistic” version (let’s be honest that proclamation is a joke), with random witch/ shapeshifter, wall running, Dr Strange’s cape that strangles people on it’s own and phoenix emerging every now and then. Let’s not forget a Daenerys/ Dark phoenix moment when Mulan got wings.

Mulan 2020 with wings

Furthermore, do you remember that part of the story where Mulan was an ordinary girl who was willing to sacrifice herself for her family and who accomplished everything through hard work and training, or that awesome song you put on every time you have a chore to do, yeeahh well, nope none of that here because here Mulan is a one of the kind, the chosen one, the force (chi) is strong with her form birth. She doesn’t go to war just to save her father but so she can stop pretending and finally show everyone how remarkable her capabilities are.

The acting is bad, accents fake, dialogues as if written by a 10-year-old, performance stiff and emotionless, special effects even worse, scenography lackluster, new villains pointless.

Don’t even make me start with pseudo feminism – who is tired of movies with only two strong female characters who always fight each other, shown as two opposite versions of the same character, I know I am.

Image of Bori Khan a Mulan 2020 villain

  1. You are right about the author setting up scenes for future books in the series. The mafia storyline will probably…

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